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Want to know about Houkago Princess and what they do? If so, then this is the right page for you, so click away and immerse yourself in Houkago Princess knowledge!

It's time for class, and today's main lesson is History! Up your HouPri knowledge and take a look at their timeline from their debut, until the present day!

It's time to brush up on who the members are of Houkago Princess, and once all the names are known, will you choose a favourite?



History Lesson

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Welcome to Houkago Princess LOVE, the Unofficial Fansite for those who happen to love Houkago Princess! Since the groups debut back in 2011, Houkago Princess has steadily grown a solid, loving fanbase all over the world, from England to Indonesia, and even further! Though the group has had its many ups and downs and trials along their journey, HouPri is a group that has always shown a positive, energetic outlook and brought happiness to all its fans no matter what!


Though they are still relatively unknown within the Western J-pop fan community, we here at Houkago Princess LOVE hope to spread the sound and image of Houkago Princess to everyone who will give them a chance! So to all those who have come and visited this site out of curiosity, a thirs for HouPri knowledge or just to take a look, thank you from all the HouPri fans around the world! We hope that you enjoy your stay here, and that you find something to like, or LOVE, about Houkago Princess!


Many Thanks,

~ Chiima (AdminChii)


Music Videos

What songs have Houkago Princess released, and when? Have they collaborated or not? Are there any single releases from members before their HouPri days!? Find out the groups Discography here!

If you have a thirst for PV's and Live Music Videos, then look no further! When you want to watch some cute HouPri goodness, then it's time to switch on and watch their videos! Really, what better way could you pass the day than to watch HouPri?


Want to have a sing-along with Houkago Princess? Then it's time to dive into the Lyrics archive and choose a song to sing! What will be your song of choice today?

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